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Media Relations

Mr. Fragos has extensive experience working with, “the media”.  During one such encounter, he had the privilege of flying with the world’s finest fighter pilots in the USAF 389th Squadron and actually journaled in his own private pilot’s log, 1.2 hours in an F-16 Fighter Jet signed by the commander and instructor of that aircraft.

For years companies have counted on Marc’s understanding of how many forms of local and national media may work for their benefit.  During several critical interviews with then, “Today Show’s” Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, Marc was who executives relied on to capture the important on air interviews with NBC anchors and to work with producers to ensure the relationship was well maintained.

During a nationally televised golf event, executives knew that legendary golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer have extremely limited time and must turn down many offers for television interviews.  Making sure to hire someone with the right knowledge and resources was crucial in scoring interviews with the golf giants on behalf of his client.

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